by Jeff Wager

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released August 15, 2015

A big ol' thansabunch to Sean Russell (Use Secret) for working his studio magic in mixing and mastering, I couldn't be happier with his work. Check out his stuff here seanrussell.bandcamp.com



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Blue Herring Potsdam, New York

Music is nice

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Track Name: Cliche Song
You know my name by now
So scribble lightly against the grain
While I'm shifting lanes right now
Ever blindly in the rain

Low flying birds, deep digging spurs
These metaphors belong
To this cliche song

Ink tearing warmly
Soft yet swiftly
Across the page

A perforation you've to destroyed
To set a stage

These fruitless ramblings
Result in a handling
Of numeric value
Esoteric but also cliche
Track Name: Over To See Anna
We sat quiet by the stream under saturated sky
Out stretched a branch upon I sat
The unsuspecting spy
Resting on the water's ledge you waited patiently
While I sat and entertained
Your talk of poetry

In my right hand a bitter-sweet depreciated drink
Relentlessly inching towards the free and flowing creek
To drown in sin or dive right in?
I want to be the creek

Your words drove deep over water's skim
The branch began to shake
Beside the ground looked awful cold
It sure could use some heat
So I stirred some soil and spilled the cider
A babbling mystique
Ending months of prior for
The ideal half a week

90's boyband "ahhhs"
Track Name: Derailed
Nothing could prepare me for that train ride
Pushing unused leaflets to outside

Underneath the threshold was a doorway
Now a smoke-filled void reclaims its space

He pulled the cord and screamed while the wheels turned
Countless pounds of coal inching to burn

I don't think I'll ever forget that train ride
All those burning leaflets on the inside
Track Name: Big Fish
The ruffles on my shirt's collar
Are nothing more than a token of
Accumulated Trust

And the way you shape your hand
Only confirms
Our mutual appreciation for things colored in by dust

So we'll stare at screens till dawn
Watching him ride
A rusty dated pile of metallic alloy

And the television's glare will coincide
With the volatile nature of your ever-shifting eyes

And the tea I drank will work
In running its course
In directing me a signal
"Get out, it gets worse"

So i'll sit and count
These porcelain tiles
Under invitations from
This tired welcome mat
Track Name: On Paper And Ink
Gazing out the window
Reflection's all he saw
Glass ran its course hands
Through thinning white hair
Scalp growing bare
Painting the rooms with wisdom upstairs

In moonlit condensation
Illusions of his wife
She'd bring him coffee
While he sat at his desk
Penning out their life
A valiant attempt
To open strangers' eyes

He mister for too long
She'd be Misses "Most his Life"
The chalice he wed
Till she dropped his mug
And coffee down went
The warmth that she gave
Now soaking through floor

Paper and Ink
Hold up chair's leg
Poised at the sill
Brings back opaque
Dreams that were killed

So he's coating the walls
Coating the walls
With some ethanol

And he laid down his work
Laid down his work
To burn up the floor
and over his book
A phosphoric torch

Track Name: Old Connecticut Houses
A bird chirps near, he's not too far off
I think he knows the story
On a shaky limb he takes a chance
Fighting the gravity
He whistles in the faded the light hoping for a return
And even if a silence comes
He knows he must fly on again

But you should know by now
That he will fly anywhere you need him
A foot, an acre, a green state, or
Those old Connecticut houses
Just to know your smile

Our inquiries may seem the same
But I think they go much deeper
To the dark compartments of our brain
They can't quite reach the speaker

So let's unwind these Vermont roads
Over water to the city
Where streets of brick
Lay perfectly
We'll flutter o'er the pieces
Under moon and sun
Track Name: Charred Bills
Windows trap comfort and Apples run the earth
Escape in a wood canoe
Paddle to where the sun shines through

We'll live by the sea
In nature's tranquility
We'll sit and study the things
That pique our interest

Gasoline won't weight us down
Our soles will tread the ground
We'll wander here and there
Till the moon does kiss the open air

Ascending the highest peak
Until our bodies ache
If spotted by a nosy drone
We'll flip the bird and send him home

Let's hike until we're lost
'Cause freedom had its cost (lolz)
We paid those gruesome tolls
Just so we could follow the rules

So let's live by the sea
Just you and me
We'll sit and study the things
That pique our interest there

Gasoline won't weigh us down
Our soles will tread the ground
We'll wander here and there
Till the moon does kiss
The open air

I deeply encourage you to reach for a dollar bill
Use it as a handkerchief
As proof you won't
Succumb to it

I also would suggest you
Pull out a broken match
Drag That Stick Against The GRAIN
Track Name: Rasa, On Lighthouse Time
The summit is steep
But it's well worth the climb
Though the peak is temporarily mine
It's ok, I've got time

While forging the path
I catch a stone lip
Over all the grade
Down I will slip
It's ok
We love the fall

The U.V. emanates and bend by the dew
Sun drops glisten and tickle the trail
It's getting late
Short on time

Black bear scampers o'er the access road
Following winds of old town rhymes
He's naive, but she shines
A bird with her beak
Catches a rhyme
Flutters beneath the conifer line
She's ok, she still flies

Till she severs her wing
Upon her descent
Lands near four sturdy paws
Under scarlet sunset
It's past eight
And part time
Track Name: Words Are Great, Words Are Swell
Why do you insist that we stay in tonight?
Because you think that
I'll get into a bar fight again

'Why don't we just stay in?' you say
"Use our words
Describe the things
We heard today"

But speaking is such a bore, I say
Words are for the seldom poor
Conservative bald men

"But ink draws more than blades" you say
I disagree, please prove your point
With past experience

"Well, how could you forget?
That poor old man from the town hall
That you knocked on the ground"

Well he was a real old coot
Mocked my slacks
Begged for attacks from
My rolex-less wrists

"But what about our neighbor, John?
Just cut his grass and
You were crass
Ashamed him on his land'

What about our neighbor, John?
I said his lawn looked sumptuous
He failed to understand
The synonym for his hard work
I would have shook his hand
But words are for the seldom poor
Conservative bald men
Seldom defend
But always seem to offend
The misunderstanding crowd
Track Name: East I Slip
La da da di da dough deeda