Tear La Terre

by Blue Herring

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Here's a little something I've been working on for the past few months. It's a concept album about the human induced Apocalypse, wrapped in all pretentious indie-folky goodness. Released to coincide with the supposed, Mayan-predicted, end of the world .

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released December 21, 2012

Special thanks to Sean Russell/Use Secret for producing "Psychedelic Moose.



all rights reserved


Blue Herring Potsdam, New York

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Track Name: Shady Elm
The sun was warm
The ground was torn
Smoke poisoning clouds
From trees of tall
Leaves will fall
Out of season

Shady elm,
Keep me from hell
These suns are much to strong
Crumbling skies
Run for your lives
Don't slip between the cracks

Mountain of filth
Came toppling down
Corroding everyone's life around
Mountain of grace
Puffed out his chest
But couldn't withstand the blow

Shady elm
Drain your well
Douse the fires of war
The birds have flown
Left heat alone
You're shadow has become my
Home, sweet home
Track Name: Lonesome Buck
Dovetail fawn
Lay your weight down
This patch of grass will
Your Ivory crown

Instrumental Verse

Lonesome Buck
Across the road
Lick the berries off the ground
I'm taking you home

There's a hunter in your forest
Fight him or invite him
Don't hide

Lonesome buck
Fill the hole
With the berries of your youth
gently grow old

Dovetail fawn
Your spots fade away
Sun sets on your playground
here's to come another day

Lonesome buck
Savor the fruit from your land
Moon light on your kingdom
Burns the human hand

There's a hunter in your forest don't hide

He's not sure where to go
Track Name: Z Deprivation
I can't pretend that there is no end
To this eternal dream with the ill-sewn seams

Minimal sleep, how 'bout something to eat?
Think I'm losing my mind
Sprouting a beard on a face of fear
Avoiding the climb

Soon, you will see
What it means to be
Alone in the tree
With the deadened leaves

I'm a coiled up rope
Do you have a smoke?
I need to unwind
Track Name: October Moon
Men cry out, sounding suprised,
When in fact they're the cause of these apocolyptic skies

Philosophers gather atop Mount Marcy
offering a true and final explaination

Minor Chorus:
Though rhetorical it proved historical
The jargon was etched into the side of the mountain
And the human race had it set in place :
the last heinous effort to rape the earth.

Words are exchanged, handshakes are made
But one bearded man can't understand the need.

Ollen stands on the edge of the face.
A luscious wind reclaims its space

Minor Chorus:
In the distance, A wave emerges
rendering futile the philosophers' urges
Ollen was resiliant, and some say brilliant
For he let their wave wash him away

The streams have drained, canyons implode.
The worried bear scurries to a soft and gentle end.

Fleeing from the scene, snuffing out the screams.
Creatures seek a haven for eternal hibernation

The October Moon burns Shady Elm
Water drags it's roots into a firey hell

A song they sing to the elegant beast
That has given so much and asked for none
The same great beast that now kills for fun,
punishing all

October Moon
Wash them away
Track Name: Psychedelic Moose (Prod. by Use Secret)
Poaching skins and trading furs
Fish hooked for sport
Trees chopped and turned into floors
Living in artificial warmth

Steel bird pollutes the sky
Moving apathetic eyes
Descending fuel runs dry
Miracle if one survives

It's getting colder
Frightened by the winter's night
No sign of life (here)
Warding off fanged frostbite
No chance of sight (here)
Despite the glistening white

Footprints mark the perimeter
Of a camp far from home
Fire lights faces of leather
Exchanging tales of hope

Wolves howl at a hollow sky
Bears scrape the earth
Fangs close in on the men who
Violated Nature's turf

Off in the distance
But charging rather close
The stoic horn sounds from
The Psychedelic Moose
Rescue or relief
He sets the sentients loose