Demos Spring 2015

by Jeff Wager

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released May 13, 2015

Jeff Wager



all rights reserved


Blue Herring Potsdam, New York

Music is nice

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Track Name: October's O.k.
We sat quiet by the stream under saturated sky
Outstretched a branch upon I sat, the unsuspecting spy
Resting on the water's ledge you waited patiently
While I sat and entertained your talk of poetry

In my right hand a bitter-sweet depreciated drink
Relentlessly inching towards the free and flowing creek
To drown in sin or dive right in?
I want to be the creek
I want to be the creek

Your words drove deep over water's skim
The branch began to shake
Beside the ground looked awful cold
It sure could used some heat
So I dropped the cider and stirred some soil
A babbling mystique
Ending months of prior for
The ideal half a week
The ideal half a week
Track Name: Big Fish
The ruffles on my shirt's collar
Are nothing more than a token of
Accumulated trust

And the way you shape your hand
Only confirms
A mutual appreciation for things colored in by dust

So we'll stare at screens till dawn
Watching him ride
A rusty dated pile of metallic alloy

And the television's glare
Will coincide
With the volatile nature of your ever-shifting eyes

And the tea I drank will work
In running its course
In directing me a signal
"Get out, it gets worse"

So I'll sit and count
These porcelain tiles
Under invitations from this tired welcome matt